Motion Capture systems

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Motion Capture Systems

Motion capture system is used to quickly capture movement of people or animals, which makes it easier to transform them later into 3D characters. MoCap systems are used in many industries – from developing 3D games, through movies to medical applications.

Motion capture is facilitated by motion capture systems, such as Xsens mobile system, which captures body movements, Faceware, which analyzes facial expressions (facial MoCap), or Manus VR or StretchSense gloves, which capture subtle hand movements (finger tracking MoCap). Motion Capture technology is used in many branches: film production, animation, games, commercials and television programs, applications for exercise or movement learning and even in mechanics or ergonomics.

Faceware facial mocap

Faceware – facial motion capture

In order to comprehensively meet the needs of customers regarding Motion Capture systems, we have enriched our offer with Faceware solutions, that is face capture, which is the best known in the film and gamedev industry.

In animation, one of the most difficult areas is facial motion capture, which is very difficult to reflect using traditional animation methods. The human face is made up of a huge number of muscles. They affect facial expressions when pronouncing words and showing emotions. The human brain is perfectly adapted to its recognition and immediately catches any inaccuracies. In the case of creating animations, these types of defects ruin the intended effect of the creator. Mass Effect’s „Andromeda” is an example of such errors – the whole long-term work has become a joke among players and reviewers.

We also offer this equipment in the Faceware Indie version – for less demanding customers.

However, for projects that require the highest quality, we have Faceware Mark IV. It is the latest and most modern solution, often used in modern and cutting-edge MoCap studios.

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 XSENS motion capture suit

Xsens – motion capture suit

Xsens solutions excel in mobile and wireless motion capture. In addition to mobility, the great advantages of this MoCap system are: quality of animations, magnetic resistance (can be used anywhere, even in a metal container or in a server room), speed, ease of installation and calibration and durability of components. Of course, this system also has a number of other facilities.

The MoCap system from Xsens comes in two versions, Link and Awinda, and each can run MVN Animate Pro or MVN Animate. The more expensive solution, Link, is a motion capture suit that has all the sensors hidden in the suit, records at 240 mhz, the battery lasts for 10 hours. This is a better option for more dynamic recordings. A cheaper solution is Awinda and the difference is Awinda have external sensors which can be put on clothes.

When it comes to motion capture software, the biggest difference between MVN Animate Pro and regular MVN Animate is the ability to stream live, e.g. to Unreal, Unity, Maya, Motion Builder. Data obtained with this MoCap software charactarize of great production quality.

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Manus - finger tracking system

Manus Quantum Metagloves – finger tracking system

Manus Quantum Metagloves are a great and complement addition to the equipment mentioned above. Thanks to them, we get the opportunity to record the exact movements of the fingers of the hand. Finger tracking, another field of animation that is not easy to reflect in real life when this movement is created from scratch. Manus gloves in the Xsens Quantum Metagloves version, are natively supported by the Xsens system, which has the positive effect of shortening the production pipeline. Combining both products, we get one animation file containing synchronized movement of the whole body.

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STRECHSENSE finger motion capture system

StrechSense – finger trackingu system

Hands are a medium of how we create, express ourselves, learn and interact with our environment. Consumers expect more and more nuance and realism in their games, movies and virtual worlds. StretchSense technology enables creative industries to achieve these subtleties and nuances to create beautiful, realistic animations quickly and precisely. A special motion capture application – Hand Engine software – allows for advanced calibration and correction of inaccuracies in mapping finger movement through the gloves.

There are two versions of gloves from Stretchsense. The higher variant is MoCap Pro Fidelity and the earlier version MoCap Pro SuperSplay for those customers who do not need the features and capabilities of the Fidelity.

With a sensor for each finger and thumb joint, the MoCap Pro Fidelity glove provides the most realistic hand data. They have 26 highly accurate stretch sensors that generate useful hand data directly from the glove.

MoCap Pro SuperSplay has 16 sensors. They are robust enough to maintain calibration during active scenes such as a rigorous fight or live applause. Made of comfortable, flexible fabric. From now on, you can focus only on developing your project.

Thanks the two different gloves manufacturers, we can offer wider choice to more customers. Now you can decide which price model and which glove technical solution best suits your needs.

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