Xsens MoCap Suit

XSENS motion capture suit

Xsens – the best mobile motion capture suit


Motion Capture solutions that capture motion without the use of cameras or optical sensors is a revolutionary technology. It is important that innovation is followed by quality, but when it comes to Xsens systems, it is an unrivaled product.

Xsens is a mobile motion capture system, using sensors placed all over the body (17 pieces). Xsens suit records the movement of an actor, which allows you to finish animation much faster than when building it from scratch. This gives us a very good basis for expanding the animation, and also speeds up and facilitates the whole process. Xsens offers a mobile system and recording sessions can be used in virtually any place, not only in expensive, specially prepared rooms with cameras. In this system, we have a live preview of the entire motion animation, which facilitates the work of the screenwriter and actor dressed in Xsens solutions.

It can be used even in very difficult external conditions:

For example, we have conducted demonstrations for clients during the PGA fair. There is a lot of other equipment, interference and crowds of people in a closed area. Even connecting the controller wirelessly to the console is quite a challenge. Under these conditions, Xsens worked without any problems and performed brilliantly.

Wykorzystanie Xsens podczas targów PGA

Use of Xsens during the PGA fair

Do you want to see how this system works? Contact us and arrange a demonstration of the possibilities of the Xsens system.

Check out our Xsens articles:

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What is the price of Xsens suit?

The price varies and depends on Xsens’ version, order volume and current promotions. We encourage you to negotiate the price and contact a salesperson.

specjalista MotionCapture PCC Polska

Bartosz Kondracki

kom.: +48 607 784 087

Why to work with us?

We have been on the market since 2002 and during this time we have cooperated with several thousand clients. As an Autodesk Gold Partner we are able to offer you an attractive and competitive offer.

Our experienced technical and sales specialists will advise, provide implementation assistance and support. Our wide offer supports your business, and precisely selected solutions will help to improve its operation. If you need consulting, training or implementation services – you can count on us.

Choosing PCC Polska you gain not only a reputable software supplier, but also an experienced and reliable partner for cooperation for many years. We know our stuff!

Xsens software

The Xsens system has 2 versions of the program: MVN Animate PLUS and MVN Animate Pro. The differences between them are small, but the PRO version gives more possibilities and greatly facilitates the process of recording and creating ready-made animations.

Zastosowanie Xsens w praktyce

@PCC Polska; The use of Xsens suit

Main differences between MVN Animate and MVN Animate PRO:

MVN Animate PLUS

MVN Animate PRO

Multi-Person support

Yes (2-person) Yes (4-person)

Magnetic Immunity

Yes Yes

Plugins (Network Streamer)

Yes Yes

Remote on Body Recording

No Yes

Reference camera support

No Yes

Time Code & Remote Control

No Yes

Batch Export

No Yes

Export as movie

No Yes

GNSS Support

No Yes

The MVN Animate program itself allows you to operate the system, but to get even better effects and quality of the animation itself, we can opt for the PRO version. Both variants (PLUS/PRO) have the ability to stream live to programs such as Motion Builder, Maya, Unreal, Unity:


Autodesk Maya

This program is gaining more and more recognition. It becomes a leader in the graphics market. Work in Maya is, above all, fast, intuitive, and at the same time accurate. It is a great tool for broadly understood graphics, visualization, modeling, animation and rendering.

More about the program     Business inquiries


Autodesk MotionBuilder

A professional program focusing on creating character animations and creating facial expressions. It has implemented support for motion capture technology, thanks to which producers can create natural animations based on this technology.

More about the program     Business inquiries

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Xsens hardware

Both MVN Animate PLUS and MVN Animate PRO can be available in two hardware options:

System Xsens po lewej MVN Awinda, po prawej MVN Link

©Xsens; MVN Awinda on the left, MVN Link on the right

Specification of MVN Awinda and MVN Link outfits:

MVN Awinda MVN Link
Type of outfit Wristbands with sensors Lycra suits in 5 sizes
Sensors 17 wireless sensors 17 wired sensors
Delay 30ms 20ms
Data Link 1 Awinda station for a set 1 Access Point for many actors
Energy management
  • 17 batteries for each sensor
  • Up to 6h of work
  • One battery for a suite
  • Up to 10h of work
Wireless range
  • Inside – 20m
  • Outside – 50m
  • Inside – 50m
  • Outside – 150m
Buffering on the body up to 2 minutes up to 10 minutes
Internal update rate 1000 Hz 1000 Hz
Output rate
  • 60 Hz – whole body
  • 100 Hz – lower body parts
  • 240 Hz
  • Ensuring high-quality production
  • Quick configuration of sensors on the actor
  • Support for Manus/StretchSense gloves
  • Ensuring high-quality production
  • Quick configuration of sensors on the actor
  • Support for Manus/StretchSense gloves

A more expensive but more accurate option is MVN Link, which has:

  • Lower latency
  • One router serving many actors at once
  • Greater operating range
  • In addition, the battery allows continuous operation for 10 hours
  • Motion recording out of range for 10 minutes

All this without interrupting the recording – just to fit in 10 minutes.

MVN Link is recommended for dynamic recordings, because in this solution the sensors are not able to move during extreme performances.

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