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StretchSense MoCap Pro – motion capture gloves

The StretchSense MoCap Pro gloves are equipped with multi-segment flexion sensors that register separately the flexion of the knuckles and the flexion of the fingers and ensure precise finger tracking. They’re made of comfortable stretch fabric, machine washable, and have an eight-hour battery life. StretchSense has also developed its own Hand Engine integration software package, which provides a ready-made interface between the glove and most popular animation software packages.

Raw finger tracking data ready for animators with StretchSense MoCap Pro

Thanks to the unique sensor technology, you can capture high-fidelity data with smooth keyframe curves directly from the glove.

Stretch sensors do not occlude or drift and are impact resistant, reducing the number of shots required. Provide animators with ready-made motion data that is so precise that it can be used directly in the final animation sequences.

StrechSense system motion mapture ruchu dloni 1

Superior sensor technology in the StretchSense MoCap Pro gloves

With sensor technology that is fundamentally different from other hand motion capture solutions, StretchSense gloves provide highly repeatable, accurate measurements and precise finger tracking. The end result is crisp motion data that is easy for animators to work with.

High-quality usage data allows content producers to push boundaries and start using their hands as creative medium.


Quick setup of the StretchSense MoCap Pro gloves

Ideal for multi-performer scenes, express calibration takes 30 seconds per user. The Hand Engine software also includes tutorials to ensure you get perfect results every time.

With the ability to fine-tune calibration and add custom poses during a photo shoot, you can let your performers express themselves by adding non-verbal communication to the final creation of finger tracking data.

Integration of the StretchSense MoCap Pro system into your pipeline

Every pipeline is different, so StretchSense lets you do things your way. It offers a number of integrations that make connecting data to your character quick, simple and accurate.

In addition to native integration with Xsens, livestreaming to Unreal, MotionBuilder, Maya, and Unity, and syncing with OptiTrack, Vicon, and Qualisys, you can export FBX files with your entire body from Hand Engine, opening up a world of possibilities!

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Variants of the StretchSense MoCap Pro gloves

The manufacturer has prepared two types of its finger tracking gloves, which differ in the number of sensors and range. Both provide high-quality data, and you can tailor your choice to how you use them.

MoCap Pro Fidelity MoCap Pro SuperSplay
StrechSense – system motion mapture ruchu dłoni MoCap Pro Fidelity StrechSense – system motion mapture ruchu dłoni MoCap Pro SuperSplay
  • 26 sensors
  • 20 m Bluetooth range

The world’s best hand capture glove now measures every degree of freedom of your hand. It has 26 highly accurate, stretchable sensors that generate hand movement data directly from the glove. Get the highest performance available on the market!

  • 16 sensors
  • 10 m Bluetooth range

The MoCap Pro SuperSplay has 16 sensors and as with all StretchSense gloves, stretch sensor technology does not occlusion. MoCap teams can provide animators with high-quality data without cleanup.

Finger tracking gloves provide a more precise and natural way of capturing hand and finger movement. The gloves are equipped with sensors that track the movement of each individual finger, allowing for more detailed and accurate motion capture data. This data can then be used to create more realistic animations of the actor’s hand and finger movements, which can be particularly important for creating realistic and believable characters in film, television, and video games.

In addition, finger tracking gloves can also help to streamline the motion capture process by reducing the need for multiple takes and post-processing to correct errors in hand and finger movement. This can save time and reduce costs for production companies, while also improving the overall quality of the final product.

Overall, finger tracking gloves are a valuable tool in motion capture, allowing for more accurate and realistic capture of hand and finger movement, which can be important for creating believable characters and scenes in film, television, and video games.

Want to know more about both models of StretchSense finger tracking gloves? Download the brochure >>>

If you want to learn more about finger tracking or try the equipment, please contact our motion capture experts.

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