Manus data gloves

Manus - finger tracking system

MANUS – a mobile motion capture system for hand tracking

For over 10 years, Manus has specialized in the creation of gloves finger tracking. Its products (Manus VR, Manus Prime I, Manus Prime II) are known and used all over the world. The latest product in the offer of this manufacturer are the Quantun Metagloves and Xsens Metagloves gloves – a great complement to the Xsens solutions.


MANUS –  gloves for hand mocap and VR

Quantum tracking technology in Xsens MVN – Xsens Metagloves have been specially developed to work seamlessly with Xsens MVN software.

The gloves work with the MVN Animate software, which enables live streaming – the movement of the skeleton of the whole body with fingers to third-party software, e.g. Unreal, Unity, or MotionBuilder, or Maya. Such functionality definitely improves and speeds up the creation of realistic character movements. This is appreciated by studios creating films, animations and games all over the world.

Now the latest Manus Metagloves gloves are available at PCC Polska. Feel free to contact us and get and offer.

Variants of the new generation of Manus Metagloves

Currently, Manus offers 3 types of the latest gloves with Metagloves technology:

  • Maus Quantum Metagloves,
  • Manus Xsens Metaglovos,
  • OptiTrack Pro Metagloves.

SDetailed information on selected models can be found in the 'Models’ tab (in polish only).

See how the capabilities of Motion Capture systems, including MANUS, are used to create epic productions:



If you want to learn more about finger tracking or try out the above mentioned equipment, please contact our experts in motion capture solutions.

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